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Here is a list of the Staff Working in the PMR Department. It is very hard to keep this up to date so we apologise in advance for any inaccuracies

Summary of the PMR Staff

First Head of Dept

Dr Mary Verghese, 1962

Paul Brand was the first consultant, while also being Head of Dept of Orthopaedics and Principle of Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Present Head of Dept

Dr George Tharion

Number of staff - posts*





1 volunteer



Post Graduate Registrar


Non-PostGrad Registrar





PMR in the main hospital

S ward and the new A block private wards

Rehabilitation Institute




Allied Health Faculty

Occupational Therapy

22 +10 junior interns - 6 mons,
+12 senior interns - 1 yr


19 +10 junior interns - 6 mons,
+12 senior interns - 1 yr

Prosthetics & Orthotics

16 in hospital; 4 in Rehab Institute

Speech therapy



59 + interns


Administrative staff




Driver, sweepers, & multipurpose workers


Social workers


Movement analysis lab




* not all posts may be filled

Staff Details

Details of all the staff working in the PMR department are listed here per section (reverse alphabetical order) or group of staff. To go to the list of staff members click on the table here. More details about each group are given on separate web pages - click on the relevant links.

Links to Staff Lists for PMR Sections

A table of contents for this page is given to the right. the names of staff for each group of professionals is given below. Follow the link for the specific staff group.

Support Staff

Speech Therapy

Social Workers

Prosthetics & Orthotics



Occupational Therapy

Nursing Staff

Gait Lab

Medical Staff


Support Staff

PMR Attenders
Designation Name

Attender (PMR)

Mr. Karunanithi

Attender (PT)

Mr. Ananda Kumar

Ms. Kavitha

Attender (OT)

Mr R. Muthuswamy

Mr. Rathnagiri

Attender (P&O)

Mr R Manickam


Rehab Institute Attenders
Designation Name

Attenders Gr IV

Mr. Amalraj J

Mr. Muniswamy R

Attenders Gr III

Mr. Ambalavanan D

Mr. Magendran C

Mr. Ramu R


Mr. Makcin

Mr. Suresh

Mr. Sathish

Mr. Sathish Kumar

Mr. Kamal

Mr. Prashil

Mr. Vincent

Mr. Newton

Mr. Perumal

Mr. Lakshmana Kumar

Mr. Anbazhagan

Mr. Gnanadas

Mr. Sathiya Moorthy

Rehab Institute
Designation Name


Mr. Ananda Raj

Multipurpose Worker/ANM Gr III

Naseema Wajid

Premavathy S


Mr. Daniel


Mr. Johnson

House Keeping Attendants

Mr. Joseph I

Mr. Paulraj

Mr. Vinoth

Mr. Samuel

Mr. Chinna Babu

Mr. Dhilip Kumar

Mr. Dermetrius

Mr. Magesh

Secretary Locations Name


PMR Outpatient Dept

Mr. Sashi Kumar

Rehabilitation Institute

Mrs. Lavanya

Staff Clerk


Mr. Joel Milton Prasad

Sr Clerk

Prosthetic & Orthotic

Mr. Samuel Ravikumar

Clerk Typist

Occupational Therapy

Mr. Gururajan

Ward Clerk

Rehab Institute

Mrs. Meenal Kodi

Read more about the Supporting Staff.


Speech Therapy staff

Designation Names

Speech Therapist

Ms. Ramya

Ms. Veena


Read more about the Speech Therapists.


Social Workers

Mr. Sagayam & Ms. Priscilla, Social Workers have completed their tenure in the project. They have been appreciated for their involvement and contribution to the community. Ms. Jayashree, Social Worker joined to help the team as Mr. Guru has been busy with the CBR service delivery and research.

Designation Name

Present In Charge

Dr Guru Nagarajan

Social Worker

Mr A. Elango

Social Worker

Mr. Dharani

Read more about the Social Workers.


Research Officers

Designation Name

Assoc. Research Officer

Mr. Durai Murugan

Prosthetics & Orthotics

CMC Hospital
Designation Names

Engineer Gr.I

Mr. Anand John Samuel G

Engineer Gr IV

Mr. Dinesh B

Tutor Gr.IV



Mr. Herbert J. Kumar

Mr. M Vishwa Prasad

Mr. Immanuel E

Mr. Hari Krishnan

Mr. Kannan

Mr. Sampath Kumar


Mr. Manickam

Prosthetists & Orthotists

Mrs. Saral Roseline

Mr. Arul Thomas H

Mr. Vinoth Jacob

Mr. Ebinesan

Mr. James Babu

Mr. Ranjith

Mr. Sathyamoorthy

Mr. Suresh Kumar

Storekeeper Gr.I

Mr. Xavier I

Rehabilitation Institute
Designation Names

Pros & Orthotist

Ms. Priya

Pros & Orthotist

Mr. Suriya Prakash

Read more about what the prosthetics and orthotics staff do: P&O web page



Designation Name


Dr. Suhany



Designation Name

Selection Grade Tutor

Mr. J. Vijay Kumar

Reader (AHS)

Andrew Babu S


Mr. Charles P.K. Joseph

Mr. Samuel Kirubakaran

Ms. Merlyn


Ms. Ann Greta

Mr. Arun

Mr. Charles A. Joshua

Mr. David Paulraj

Mr. Krishnamurthy

Mr. Pierre Edwin

Ms. Sweeta Priyadarshni


Ms. Anu Jaya

Ms. Anita Rebecca

Mr. Babu Samuel

Mr. David Paulraj

Mr. Franklin Jagdish

Mr. Gopinath

Mr. Jebaraj Fletcher

Ms. Joanna Popsi

Mr. Joshua Premkumar

Ms. Margaret Christy

Mr.Paul Jose

Ms. Prabha Starlet S.

Ms. Rajalakshmi

Mr. Samuel Vinod

Ms. Selvi

Mr. Senthivelkumar

Mr. Tyagaraj

Ms. Uma Maheswari

Mr. Vanjeeth Kumar

Mrs. Winrose

Sel Gr.II Technician

Palani A

Senior interns

10 For 1 Year

Junior interns

12 For 6 Months


Occupational Therapy Staff

Designation Name


Ms Lydia E Raj

Lecturer (AHS)

Mr. Sanjeev M. Padankatti

Ms. Deepa S

Mr. Sanjeev Padankatti

Mr. Samuel Kamalesh Kumar

Occupational Therapist

Ms. Mercy Emilda

Mr. Paul Inbaraj. E

Ms. Sheeba Roselin. P

Mr. Thirumugam

Mr. Tareen Jacob

Ms. Vinodha Sherin. J


Mrs. Julia Rachel. J

Ms. Anju Ann Thomas

Mrs. Bhuvaneswari. M

Mr. Ernest. R

Ms. Gomathi. K

Ms. Hepzibha Jaga Jothi. A

Ms. Hima. J. B

Ms. Preetha. R

Mr. Prince. E

Mrs. Reema Mathew

Mr. Samuel Prasanna Vinoth. K

Ms. Sheeba Mariam Cherian

Ms. Sylvia. P

Mr. Ernest R

Ms. Sumitha Levina F. M

Mr. Vinoth Kumar

Mr. Ben Shamir Bright

Ms. Indu Gokula Chandran

Mr. Joseph Samuel

Ms. Pearlin Grace

Ms. Ruplekha Kumbhakar

Senior interns

10 for 1 year

Junior interns

10 for 6 months

Rehabilitation Institute
Designation Name


Ms Lydia E Raj

Mr. Samuel Kamalesh Kumar


Ms. Pearlin Grace

Mr. Ben Sharmir Bright

Mrs. Sumitha

Mr. Vinoth

Mr. Raja

Ms. Ruplekha Kumbhakar

Mr. Dilesh Kumar

Ms. Reetha Janet Surekha

There are also Occupational Therapy staff working in other departments - the psychiatry department (Mental Health Centre), Nambikai Nilayam and the Community Hospital and Development (CHAD).

Mental Health Centre
Designation Name


Mrs Deepa


Ms Jeeva

Ms Reema

Ms Thendral K


Numbikkai Nilayam


Ms Anna




Mrs Bhuvaeswari

Read more about Occupational Therapy.


Nursing Staff in the Rehab Institute

Position Name

Departmental Sister

Mrs. Josephine

Ward Sister

Mrs. Margaret S

Ward Sister


Sr Staff Nurse / Staff Nurse

Mrs. Mary Anita

Ms. Anita

Ms. Priya Soundarawadani

Ms. Priyadarshini

Ms. Ashly

Ms. Sudha

Ms. Ramya

Mrs. Geetha

Mrs. Govindammal

Mrs. Irudhayamary

Mrs. Jasmine Pandian

Mrs. Jeya Alphonsa

Mrs. Kalaivani

Mrs. Mageshwari

Mrs. Mary Daniel

Ms. Mary Priyadharshini

Ms. Sumathi

Ms. Susi

Mrs. Ruth


Mrs. Nazeema

Mrs. Jansi Rani

PMR OPD main hospital

Staff Nurse

Mrs Stella Prathap Singh

Staff Nurse

Mrs Hilda Roxon


Movement Analysis Laboratory - Gait Lab

Designation Names

Sr. Scientist

Prof. Suresh Devasagayam

Sr. Programmer

Mrs. Joyce Issac


Mr. Dinesh

Dr. Suresh Devasahayam, Associate Professor of Bioengineering from Bombay, was with us during 2001 as a volunteer and joined as a permanent member of staff as a Sr. Scientist Grade I. You can read more about what they do at MAL "Gait Lab"


Medical Staff:


A summary of the senior medical staff in the department is given here.Staff Biodata

Dr. Suranjan Bhattarcharji is professor in PMR and in PMR Unit 1. He is now director of the hospital and will not be doing any clinical work while in the post. He will be director until 2012. Dr Ashish is seeing all patients who saw Dr Suranjan's previously or you can ask to see any of the other doctors

PMR Unit 2

Dr. George Tharion, is professor in PMR and head of department. He is also head of PMR unit 2.

Dr. Raji Thomas is a professor with PMR unit 2.

Dr Jacob George is a Associate Professor. He is now on study leave in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dr Henry Prakash is an Associate Professor (from Nov10) in PMR 2.

Dr Bobeena, Assistant Professor with PMR unit 2 (MBBS, MD PMR)

Dr Ahana Chatterjee, Assistant Professor with PMR unit 2 (MBBS, MD PMR)

PMR Unit 1

Dr. Ashish Macaden is a professor and Head of PMR unit 1.

Dr Judy Ann John is an Associate Professor in PMR 1.(MBBS, MD PMR)

Dr Subbian is an Assistant Professor in PMR 1

Dr Apurba Burman is an Assistant Professor (MBBS, MD PMR) in PMR 1.

Dr. Shiela Mary Varghese is an Assistant Professor in PMR 1

Dr. Debbie Skeil is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine from England. She works with the education programmes and on the web pages of our department and the hospital.

Doctors around India who did their PMR training at CMC, Vellore

Dr Rajendra completed his DNB (PMR) and now works in PMR in Hyderabad.

Dr Reeba completed her DNB (PMR) at CMC, Vellore, worked for a few years in England in spinal injury rehabilitation. She is now providing hospital and community based rehabilitation services in Kozhikode, Kerala.

Dr Santosh completed his MD (PMR) and is now working at Chrisitan Medical College, Ludhiana.

Doctors who worked in PMR and now provide services in other parts of India or the world

Dr. R. Suresh, joined as Lecturer after completing his MD(PMR) and DNB (PMR) and has now moved to Bangalore.

Dr. Marina R worked in the department for a short time after successfully completing her Dip NB PMR and has now joined the PMR department in Chennai.

Dr. George Zachariah worked in PMR having completed his post graduate training in Kerala. He now provides PMR services in Kerala.

Dr. Venugopal Sr. Lecturer, was instrumental in improving our EMG/NCV services and Neuromuscular Clinic. He is now working in Australia.

Post-graduate Registrars:

The PMR department has just been accredited for the MD in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. There is one post-graduate registrar training post per year, as the course is three years long this gives three post-graduate registrars training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. However 18 months of their training is spent in other departments to provide a wide range of experience. See our Education page for further details. The registrars in training are listed below

Dr. Marina Clarice Selvi R. completed her third year in the Postgraduate D.N.B. training programme in P.M.R. and passed the exam so this program ceased for a short time.


MD PMR, Post Grad
Started Course Doctors Name Passed

September 2001

Dr Judy Ann John

Nov 2005

March 2002

Dr Henry Prakash

June 2005

March 2003

Dr Anupama Ganga

March 2006

March 2004

Dr E Subbian

March 2007

March 2005

Dr Santhosh Kumar D

Sept 2007

March 2006

Dr Bobeena

March 2009

March 2007

Dr Shiela Mary Verghese

March 2010

March 2008

Dr Linu Paulson

March 2009

Dr Anand

March 2010

Dr Swapna Patil

DipNB PMR, Post Grad
Started Course Doctors Name Passed

March 2007

Dr Abishek Sanyal

March 2008

Dr Rohit Bhide

Non PG Registrars


Dr Jane Elizabeth



Dr Kriti Mishra



Various vacancies



Rev Giftus is the chaplain to PMR. He sensitively addresses the spiritual needs of the staff, students and patients in the department.

Profile of PMR Department

Year Established


First Head of Dept

Dr Mary Verghese

Paul Brand was the first consultant, while also being Head of Dept of Orthopaedics and Principle of Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Present Head of Dept

Dr George Tharion



Nurses in Rehab Institute


Allied Health Faculty

60+ staff and up to 40 interns

Other staff inc.
social workers, clerks, attenders


No of Outpatients

65,000 (all units)

No of Inpatients

421 (hospital & Rehab Institute)


Job Opportunities in PMR

Vacancies arise within the PMR department at regular intervals. Medical, OT, Physio, speech therapy, orthotics and prosthetic posts and internships are all handled by the principal's Office See below for contact details.


Links to the rest of the PMR web pages are in the column top left. Hover over (mouse over / move the mouse over) the titles and see more information about the page - double click on the page you want.

Contact Us

How to Book Appointments and Register

You can phone, post or visit the hospital to book an appointment. See PMR Contacts for full details

Appointments and Registering by Phone

You can get most telephone extensions inside the hospital without the operators,

New and returning patients may phone the Appointments Call Center any day, at the time shown below.
Please note:You need to PAY by CREDIT CARD when you book the appointment by phone. All credit cards with the VISA emblem are now accepted.

Day Time Telephone

Monday - Friday

7 am to 9.30 pm

0416 228 8000


7 am to 7 pm


10am to 2pm

Coming Back to CMC - Book Online

Patients coming back to CMC with a CMC hospital number can book appointments online. Payment is by credit card or the CHRIS card (CMC cash card).


Job and internship enquiries

Enquiries about working as a doctor, therapist or nurse and internship enquires: please contact the principal's Office:


PMR Patient Enquiries

Patient care enquiries for PMR: please contact Dr. Debbie Skeil:


PMR Office Phones & Postal Addresses

The code for India is +91, the Vellore area code is (0)416. Simply dial 228 then the extension you need.
If you need operator assistance then dial 228 4000.

PMR Office


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Christian Medical College, Vellore. 632004. India


Eg Ringing Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation office from India:

0 416 228 2158

More detailed contact information can be found at Contact Us

We hope this information is accurate. If you have any information that may be useful or see any mistakes, please let us know.


Last Edited Sept 2010

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