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Physiotherapy Photo Album

Here are a few more pictures of the Physiotherapy gyms and the equipment in them.

Child balanced on a big yellow ball being supported by a physiotherapist.

Sitting on the ball helps improve balance
for this girl with cerebral palsy.

Photo of multigym being used

The multigym is used to
strenghten muscles - hard work
that can only be done by the patient!

Photo of machine in foreground with patient on bed behind

Interferential treatment (IFT) being
used on the thigh.

Close up of leg with IF electrodes and straps to hold them on

Close up of IFT showing the electrodes
being held in place with straps.

bars to hold when standing (like the bow of a ship) and a triangle on the ground to stand on with a computer in the background

Computerised balance training equipment
in the Rehab Institute.

photo of large gym with parallel bars being used by someone with calipers and their relative

Gym in the Rehab Institute.
Parallel bars help people learn
to walk again.

Lady sat on a bed with machine pads lined up either side of her leg.

Shortwave therapy being given.

Gentleman strapped onto a tilting table in an almost upright position.

Tilt tables are used to enable people
with paralysis to standup, this gentleman
is slowly moving into the upright position.

large black pad and smaller clear one

Pads used for hot and cold treatments

Traction applied through a band around the head or chin with patient lying on the bed.

Computerised Traction in use for neck pain

Lady climbing stairs outside with a gentleman helping her.

Physiotherapy continues after the session
in the gym - practising outside in Rehab

Gentleman standing on a wobble

Using a wobble board
to improve balance.

Gentleman holding onto vertical bars attached to the wall.

Using these bars people can
standup and balance

Close up of heel with the ultrasound probe treating the achilles tendon

Applying ultrasound to a
painful heel


Job Opportunities in PMR

Vacancies arise within the PMR department at regular intervals. Medical, OT, Physio, speech therapy, orthotics and prosthetic posts and internships are all handled by the principal's Office. Contact details below.


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Contact Us

How to Book Appointments and Register

You can phone, post or visit the hospital to book an appointment. See PMR Contacts for full details

Appointments and Registering by Phone

You can get most telephone extensions inside the hospital without the operators,

New and returning patients may phone the Appointments Call Center any day, at the time shown below.
Please note:You need to PAY by CREDIT CARD when you book the appointment by phone. All credit cards with the VISA emblem are now accepted.

Day Time Telephone

Monday - Friday

7 am to 9.30 pm

0416 228 8000


7 am to 7 pm


10am to 2pm

Coming Back to CMC - Book Online

Patients coming back to CMC with a CMC hospital number can book appointments online. Payment is by credit card or the CHRIS card (CMC cash card).


Job and internship enquiries

Enquiries about working as a doctor, therapist or nurse and internship enquires: please contact the principal's Office:


PMR Patient Enquiries

Patient care enquiries for PMR: please contact Dr. Debbie Skeil:


PMR Office Phones & Postal Addresses

The code for India is +91, the Vellore area code is (0)416. Simply dial 228 then the extension you need.
If you need operator assistance then dial 228 4000.

PMR Office


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Christian Medical College, Vellore. 632004. India


Eg Ringing Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation office from India:

0 416 228 2158

More detailed contact information can be found at Contact Us

We hope this information is accurate. If you have any information that may be useful or see any mistakes, please let us know.


Last Edited Sept 2010

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