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Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Website

Maps for PMR patients: Introduction

On this page we have links to four maps that you may find helpful. Only very small pictures of the maps are shown here as the larger pictures are 100-300kb in size. If you want to see the full maps then just click on the links.

The maps are of

Vellore city map

The first map is of Vellore city and some of the local areas that you may use. It starts with Katpadi and the railway station. If you come to Vellore by train you will arrive at Katpadi.

The map then shows the city centre where the main hospital is, the Schell eye hospital and Bagayam where the college campus is. Click on the map to go to the large picture or click here: Vellore town

click to large map of Vellore city 300kb

CMC Hospital Maps

The maps of the main hospital site are shown here.

This second map shows the main areas of the hospital site - where outpatients are, wards and PMR outpatient services.

This is a rough map eg there may be a ward in the clinical area. To go to the map: click on the map or here main hospital blocks. Go to the second map for a more detailed view.

tiny map of CMC main hospital site showing main areas linking to large map

Hospital Map with Details

The third map shows in details the areas of the hospital site on the ground floor - each area is shown and labelled. There is a list showing many of the places on the map and saying what they are in the hospital. Units, wards and services on the upper floors are listed. The way to get to them is shown by giving the staircase/lift to use eg staircase 2.

To go to the map: click on the map or here: CMC hospital detailed map

tiny map of CMC main hospital site linking to large map

Wheelchairs and Trolleys

Many of the doors into the blocks and rooms are shown. Please note there are many steps/stairs around the hospital. In Most places there is also a slope for wheelchair and trolley users or those who find stairs difficult. There are lifts next to most of the steps/stairs going up a floor.

If you do not want to use steps/stairs, eg are using a wheelchair or trolley, you are best to use the way in with the Blue arrows or Black arrows.

blue arrow - uses the slope BLUE arrows show the way using a slope - no stairs.
black arrow means the way in is flat BLACK arrows show the way in that is flat - no steps and no slope.
red arrow shows the steps/stairs The red arrows show the way in using STEPS or stairs

The larger map has more details explained on it.

College Campus, Bagayam Map

The fourth map is of the college campus up in Bagayam with the Mental Health Centre, Psychiatry, and the Rehabilitation Institute, PMR inpatients.

To go to the map: click on the map or here: College Campus map.

link to large map of college campus 170kb

We hope these are helpful to patients and visitors coming to CMC. Please let us know if you spot mistakes or would like something else added. Thank you.

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