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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Christian Medical College, Vellore
Out-patient Services: Information for PMR patients

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Help Available

Booking your OPD appointment

OP Rates

Advance Booking

Your OutPatient


Certificates & Reports

Special Clinics


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This page contains information about

The OPD block at CMC

The OPD block at CMC
for outpatient clinics

Out-patient appointments at CMC, Vellore.

This will explain:

Main Out-patient Block

The main Out-patients block is on the hospital site in the centre of Vellore. It is sometimes just called "OP". It has four floors / storeys which can be reached by stairs or lifts. The building is situated on your right as you enter the main gate or the pedestrian gate. Slopes are available beside Ida Sophia Scudder Road and to the left side of the building. Most of the out-patient clinics are in this building.

The out-patient department is a very busy area catering for more than 4,500 patients per day.

Help available

OPD Reception

There are volunteers and guides at the OPD Reception They will help patients with information eg how to book an appointment, where to go. They will also accompany them if needed.

"May I Help You?" Desk

We also have people at the "May I Help You" desks who will help and guide patients in the OP area. You can also ask the Social Worker in the Out-patient Block (room G52) if you need any help or encounter problems during your treatment at the hospital. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our services, please speak to the social workers.

Further information on the help available within CMC can be found here: PRO services


Making OPD Appointments

Out-patient appointments can be booked by

Out-patient /Costs

Type of Appointment General Private Casualty
New Registration - first time at CMC. Paid ONCE only 110 570 170?
Repeat appointments
60 160 170?
Renewal of Consultation OPD (Once in 3 months) 65 490 --
Referral for any NEW Consultation on the same day, to a different department or within the same department. -- 490 --


For General patients

New Registration - first appointment ever with any doctor at CMC. Includes registration/hospital number card, making up your hospital chart/notes (chart making) and your first appointment.

Repeat appointments - returning to see any doctor in out-patients.

Renewal of consultation - this does not apply to general patients

For Private patients

New Registration - first appointment with any doctor at CMC. Includes registration/hospital number card, making up your hospital chart/notes (chart making) and your first appointment.

Repeat appointments - returning to see any doctor less than 3 months after paying a new registration or renewal fee.

Renewal of private consultation - returning to see any doctor but more than 3 months after paying a new registration or renewal fee.

General Patient or Private Patient?

If you choose to be a General Patient, you will be seen by one of the doctors in the appropriate clinic. When a general patient with complications is being seen by a doctor, a second opinion is always asked for from a consultant at no extra cost.

When you choose to be a Private Patient, you will meet the consultant in the appropriate out-patient clinic or in the Private Consultation Facilities.

When you (General patient or Private patient) are referred to another department for an opinion or treatment, you may be seen as a general patient or as a private patient.


A General Patient must pay Rs 60/- for a revisit towards repeat appointment charges. This means each appointment to see the doctor will cost Rs 60/-.

A Private Patient must pay Rs 160/- for a revisit towards repeat appointment charges. This means each appointment made to see the doctor, within 3 months of paying a new registration or renewal fee, will cost Rs 160/-.

Private Patients: 3 months after paying the new consultation fee or the renewal fee private patients need to pay Rs 490/- as a consultation renewal - cum appointment fee. This fee will need to be paid for an out-patient appointment every 3 months.

Advance Bookings

Bookings can be made in advance by post, phone or email

What if I cannot afford it?

Very poor patients who cannot afford to pay the registration fees of Rs.110/- or revisit charges of Rs.60/- are requested to approach the Social Worker. The social worker is in room G52, ground floor of main OPD building.

She/He will assess a patient's ability to pay and issue a free registration slip if they are very poor.


Registering in Advance

by Post

by Phone

by Email

Patient Information Form

Advance OP Bookings

Before you come to CMC it would be best to make an appointment. You can book an appointment in advance by post, telephone or email but the appointment MUST be paid for before it is confirmed.

Registering by Post

It is possible to book up to 3 months before an appointment. Registration by post can be done if your request reaches CMC at least 1 month in advance. To fix an appointment by post as a new patient, please write to Head, Out-patient Services with the following information:

  1. Patient Information Form: Please fill in the Patient Information Form. This can be printed or downloaded from this website - Patient Information Form.
  2. Departments to be consulted: Please specify the department(s) you would like to consult. If you are not sure, you can enclose a description of your problems, and any relevant medical reports.
  3. Date you would like an appointment: You can use this to decide your preferred date of appointment - please do not forget that you will need to book your travel. It is best to make train reservations to arrive in Vellore on the evening before your appointment date.
  4. Payment: Please enclose a draft for the registration and consultation fees, according to the number of departments you wish to consult.

    The draft should be payable at Vellore,

    in favour of "Treasurer, CMC Vellore Association."

    Please note that the rates are revised periodically, and you may be asked to pay the difference after your arrival. If you send excess money, it will be credited against your name.

  5. The advance appointment will be confirmed only after paying the registration fees.

Send all this information to:

Head, Out-patient Services,
Christian Medical College, Vellore. Tamil Nadu 632004.

Based on your request, we will fix an appointment, and write back to you by ordinary post.

If you are have been a patient at CMC, Vellore before, please let us know your hospital number when you ask us to fix an appointment.

Registration By Phone:

You may contact the ACCESS counter during working hours. Please have available all the information mentioned above in the registration by post section.

Day Time Telephone
Monday - Saturday 8 am to 4.30 pm 0416 228 3430
0416 228 3429

Your registration will be confirmed only on payment of the registration fees. The fees must be paid before 4.30 pm the day before your appointment date at the PCF (Private Consultation Facility). PCF is on the first floor of the main OPD building.


Patient Information Form

The patient Information Form gives all the information needed to register a new patient. The information needed is listed below but you can also download a printable form to print from here: Patient Information Form.

a) General Information

Patient’s Full Name:
No initials please

Year of Birth:

Male / Female


Marital status:
Married / Unmarried

Patient’s Designation:
Job or Occupation

Has the patient visited CMC for treatment before?
Yes or No. If yes, please give your hospital number

Name of Patient’s Father or Husband:
Full details

Father or Husband’s Designation:
Occupation or job of Patient’s father or husband

b) Appointment Information

What departments do you want to see/consult

Preferred date:
Date of first appointment (morning).
Remember you may need to arrange transport to Vellore

Payment details:
Amount, date, Bank;

c) Permanent Address

House Number:


Village / Town:

Post Office:

Taluk & District:

Pin Code:

State & Country:


Your OutPatient appointment


Certificates & Reports

Special Clinics

Evening clinics

Health Checks

Your Out-patient Appointment

  1. The day of your appointment: When you come for your appointment please go to the clinic's MRO 30 - 60 minutes before your appointment time to let them know you have arrived. (Please look at your appointment slip, it will say how long before your should arrive and any other special instructions)
  2. Waiting Hall: Then go to the waiting hall. Please be seated in the waiting hall and wait till you are called
  3. MRO 1st calls your name: When your medical chart reaches the clinic, the MRO in the hall will call your name. Please give him/her your payment slip obtained during registration.
  4. The MRO will paste the payment slip on your medical chart and send the chart to one of the doctors.
    • If you are registered as a Private patient, your chart will go to a consultant or his/her approved assistant. Your name will be called out when your turn comes and you will be seen by the doctor.
  5. Meeting your Doctor: When you meet with your doctor feel free to discuss all your health problems with him/her. Please tell them all relevant information about your sickness. The doctor will probably advise on what treatment to follow. Please follow the advice given.
    • Many people forget to tell the doctor important things and forget to ask things at the appointment. You may find it helpful to write down the important things and any questions you wish to ask BEFORE going to the appointment. You will be less likely to forget anything.
  6. Tests: If the doctor decides to have some clinical tests done, such as examining the blood, urine, stool etc., you will be given the required forms.

    The steps to be followed are described on the General Information Page:
    Tests & Investigations in CMC.

  7. Medicines: The doctor may decide to put you on treatment. The doctor will then give you slips of paper / prescription slips to purchase the medicine/injections and treatment.

    The steps to be followed are described on the General Information Page:
    Buying Medicines / Drugs from CMC Pharmacy.

  8. Inpatient Admission: The doctor may decides to admit you as an in-patient, he/she will give you a piece of paper with an admission order on it.

    The steps to be followed are described on the General Information Page:
    Admission as an Inpatient into CMC hospital.

  9. If the doctor decides on any other course of action, he/she will explain the details to you.


Sometimes the doctor you see may want you to see another doctor for their specialist opinion. If you are referred to another department for opinion/treatment, the option is available to you to be seen either as a General patient or a Private patient.

Referral as a General Patient

If you choose to be a General patient and the clinic you are referred to is on the same day, contact the MRO of that clinic for an appointment.

However, if the clinic you are referred to is on another day, you have to pay Rs.60/- for a General patient. Go to a payment counter and show the referral slip. If you do not show the referral slip at the payment counter your chart will be sent to your previous clinic.

Referral as a Private Patient

To see a new consultant get an appointment by making a payment of Rs.455/- at any counter that allows bookings for private patients: list of payment counters on the General Information Page.


Certificates & Reports

Birth Certificate

Where: Medical Superintendent’s office, Room 3
Ground Floor, Main Hospital Building

To obtain birth certificates, contact the Medical Superintendent’s office(no.3) in the main building ground floor. A form has to be filled in and a fee of ?Rs.50/- has to be paid at the payment counter in the O.P Building. The birth certificate can be collected in person or by post.

Medical Reports

Out-patients who wish to obtain medical reports must approach the secretary of the respective departments where he/she was treated. The medical report will be posted to the address given in the request on Payment of ?Rs.50/- You may also have to submit a stamped addressed envelope with your correct address to the departments. Please write your hospital number and department when you correspond, in case you have not received your Medical report.


Special Clinics

Evening Clinic

This Clinic runs every day from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm in the Triage room 600a (opposite the main OPD block by the Silver Gate). The registration charges for the clinic are as follows:

Counter Reg Times Days
G21C 8.30 am - 4.30pm Mon-Fri
G21C 8.30 am - 11.30am Saturday
Type of Appointment Cost
New Registration Repeat Registration
Rs 75/-? Rs 50/-?

This clinic is for:

  1. New Patients who are waiting a long time for new appointments.
    • The doctors in this clinic will be able to perform a basic assessment and order tests and investigations. You will not see the specialist doctor that your actual OPD appointment is with. But when you do go to the actual daytime OPD appointment, you will go with the test results that the evening clinic organised for you. The doctors in the evening clinic can also start any treatment that is urgently needed.
  2. Any patient who needs to be seen that day but cannot get a daytime OPD appointment that day. This will include:
    • Patients who come after 11.00 am for appointments but need to be seen that day.
    • Patients who are not seen in Accident & Emergency Department but told to visit regular OPD's the following day.
    • Patients who have minor ailments such as fevers.
    The doctors in the evening clinic will assess you and give any emergency treatment that you need. They can also refer you to an OPD with another doctor if you need it and order tests ready for any other doctors OPD.

CMC Health Check

This service is being offered to those who wish to have a general medical check up. It includes:

Patients with multiple problems should not opt for this. They should see a consultant in the relevant department.


Contact Us

How to Book Appointments and Register

You can phone, post or visit the hospital to book an appointment. See PMR Contacts for full details

Appointments and Registering by Phone

You can get most telephone extensions inside the hospital without the operators,

New and returning patients may phone the Appointments Call Center any day, at the time shown below.
Please note:You need to PAY by CREDIT CARD when you book the appointment by phone. All credit cards with the VISA emblem are now accepted.

Day Time Telephone

Monday - Friday

7 am to 9.30 pm

0416 228 8000


7 am to 7 pm


10am to 2pm

Coming Back to CMC - Book Online

Patients coming back to CMC with a CMC hospital number can book appointments online. Payment is by credit card or the CHRIS card (CMC cash card).


Job and internship enquiries

Enquiries about working as a doctor, therapist or nurse and internship enquires: please contact the principal's Office:


PMR Patient Enquiries

Patient care enquiries for PMR: please contact Dr. Debbie Skeil:


PMR Office Phones & Postal Addresses

The code for India is +91, the Vellore area code is (0)416. Simply dial 228 then the extension you need.
If you need operator assistance then dial 228 4000.

PMR Office


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Christian Medical College, Vellore. 632004. India


Eg Ringing Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation office from India:

0 416 228 2158

More detailed contact information can be found at Contact Us

We hope this information is accurate. If you have any information that may be useful or see any mistakes, please let us know.


Last Edited Nov 2010

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